Niko Heeren

Industrial Ecology Scientist


I am an Adjunct Professor for Industrial Ecology at the Norwegian University of Science & Technology NTNU, a lecturer for Prospective Environmental Assessment at ETH Zurich, and sustainability specialist at the city of Zurich. Furthermore, I am a Data Editor at the journals of Industrial Ecology and Nature Scientific Data.

My research focuses on the analysis and forecast of environmental impacts of socio-economic systems, such as building stocks. In my work I often combine methods and tools from the environmental and computational science disciplines to develop, for instance, probabilistic approaches for big data analysis.

  • Doctor of Sciences in Environmental Engineering, 2017

    ETH Zurich

  • MSc ClimaDesign, 2011

    TU Munich

  • MAS Architecture & Développement Durable, 2008

    EPF Lausanne

  • BSc Environmental & Resource Management, 2006

    TU Cottbus


Building & Building stocks Analysis

Thermal simulation, BIM, certification, etc.

Open Sustainability Science

Research & Teaching in Industrial Ecology, LCA, MFA, etc.

Computer modelling

Python, SQL, GIS, Big data, etc.


Adjunct Professor for Industrial Ecology
Jan 2020 – Present Trondheim, Norway
Project Manager Sustainable Construction
Jan 2020 – Present Zurich, Switzerland
Postdoctoral Associate
Jan 2018 – Oct 2019 New Haven, USA
Jan 2017 – Present Zurich, Switzerland
Postdoctoral Researcher
Jan 2017 – Dec 2018 Zurich, Switzerland
Teacher & Consultant in Building Simulation and Certification
Jan 2010 – Dec 2019 Lausanne, Switzerland
Research Assistant
ETH Zurich, Chair of Sustainable Construction, Institute of Construction & Infrastructure Management
Mar 2008 – Feb 2012 Zurich, Switzerland
Guest Lecturer
Mar 2008 – Jun 2010 Strasbourg, France


More info on projects coming soon

Resource Efficiency & Climate Change

Mandated by the G7 and United Nations International Resource Panel (UNEP-IRP) , we are investigating the potential benefits of Resource Efficiency for future greenhouse gas emissions. Project ends 2019. Find related content and publications here.

Swiss National Science Foundation NRP 66 Resource Wood

In 2010 the Swiss National Science Foundation launched athe National Research Programme 66 to investigate the potentials of wood as a national resource. The team led by Prof. Hellweg investigated the ecological implications of wood use. The project had a budget of 1 million Swiss Francs and brought forward three PhDs. I was lucky enough to be one of those PhD students and my project looked into the ecological potentials of wood use in buildings.