A Database Seed for a Community-driven Material Intensity Research Platform


The data record contains Material Intensity data for buildings (MI). MI coefficients are often used for different types of analysis of socio-economic systems and in particular for environmental assessments. Until now, MI values were compiled and reported ad-hoc with few cross-study comparisons. We extracted and converted more than 300 material intensity data points from 33 studies and provide the results in a comprehensive and harmonized database. Material intensity is reported as kilograms per gross floor area for 32 materials as primary data points. Furthermore, we augmented the data with secondary attributes for regional information, such as climate and socioeconomic indicators. The data are hosted on the version control platform GitHub using accessible data formats and providing detailed contribution guidelines. This “database seed” facilitates data analysis, accessibility, and future data contributions by the research community. In the Technical Validation we illustrate that consistency of the data and opportunities for further analysis. This database can serve scientists from various disciplines as a benchmark to determine typical ranges and identify outliers.

Nature Scientific Data

Ever wondered how much material is in a building? This publication presents a comprehensive database that contains 300 datasets for material intensity. Please consider contributing!