Building stock

Sustainability Assessment of the Housing System: Exploring the Interplay between the Material and Social Systems

The chapter focuses on the housing sector as an important component of urban systems. It advances a broader understanding of the interplay between the material system (material and energy resources used in housing systems) and the social system …

Impact of CH2018 Climate Change Scenarios for Switzerland on today's Swiss building stock

Retrofit as a carbon sink: The carbon storage potentials of the EU housing stock

In the next decades, a large share of residential buildings in EU-28 is expected to be renovated to achieve the 2 °C target requested by the Paris Agreement by 2050. Bio-based materials used for increasing the thermal insulation and temporary store …

Building material use and associated environmental impacts in China 2000-2015

Tracking Construction Material over Space and Time: Prospective and Geo-referenced Modeling of Building Stocks and Construction Material Flows

Construction material plays an increasingly important role in the environmental impacts of buildings. In order to investigate impacts of materials on a building level, we present a bottom‐up building stock model that uses three‐dimensional and …

Building Inventory and Refurbishment Scenario Database Development for Switzerland

Big data GIS analysis for novel approaches in building stock modelling

GIS-based Decision Support System for Building Retrofit

Modelling environmental impacts of buildings – energy, material, and dynamics

Buildings are responsible for a considerable share of global environmental impacts. Therefore, the building stock is an important stakeholder for reaching environmental targets. In Switzerland the vision of the 2000-Watt Society has been adopted by …

Building Energy Efficiency for Massive market Uptake BEEM-UP Energetic Refurbishment Replication Strategy for Eastern European Countries