Impact of CH2018 Climate Change Scenarios for Switzerland on today's Swiss building stock

A comparative study on the environmental impact of greenhouses: a probabilistic approach

The aim of this study is to investigate the most important drivers of environmental impacts and identify the influence of parameters on the uncertainty of the environmental impacts in various climate zones and future climate scenarios. We couple a …

A novel integrated framework to evaluate greenhouse energy demand and crop yield production

Greenhouses are complex systems that require considerable amounts of energy. In order to optimize their performance, it is necessary to reduce the amount of energy per unit of crop produced. This requires a combined assessment of greenhouse energy …

Big data GIS analysis for novel approaches in building stock modelling

GIS-based Decision Support System for Building Retrofit

Building Energy Efficiency for Massive market Uptake BEEM-UP Energetic Refurbishment Replication Strategy for Eastern European Countries

Energetic and comfort benefits of composite buildings : Learning from vernacular techniques

Most LCA studies lately have been dealing with the dilemmas which material is more energy-efficient to use: wood or steel, concrete or wood? Unlike to this perception this project takes the idea of Mediterranean vernacular architecture where it has …

Influence of construction material choice and design parameters on greenhouse gas emissions of buildings

Wood has typically lower environmental impacts compared to other materials. However, it also has reduced capacity to store thermal energy, potentially causing increased operating energy demand. Here we investigate this trade-off between environmental …

Konzept Energieversorgung 2050

A component based bottom-up building stock model for comprehensive environmental impact assessment and target control