Impact of CH2018 Climate Change Scenarios for Switzerland on today's Swiss building stock

Tracking Construction Material over Space and Time: Prospective and Geo-referenced Modeling of Building Stocks and Construction Material Flows

Construction material plays an increasingly important role in the environmental impacts of buildings. In order to investigate impacts of materials on a building level, we present a bottom‐up building stock model that uses three‐dimensional and …

Big data GIS analysis for novel approaches in building stock modelling

GIS-based Decision Support System for Building Retrofit

Konzept Energieversorgung 2050

Housing and mobility demands of individual households and their life cycle assessment.

Household consumption, apart from governmental consumption, is the main driver of worldwide economy. Attached to each household purchase are economic activities along the preceding supply chain, with the associated resource use and emissions. A …

Energiekonzept 2050 für die Stadt Zürich - Auf dem Weg zur 2000 Watt tauglichen Wärme-Versorgung mit einem räumlich differenzierten Gebäudeparkmodell